Q: Do home renovators only do the renovations on the whole home or can one room be renovated?

A: A home renovation company can assist with any home renovations, whether it may be only one room or remodelling of your whole home.

Q: If one is renovating their whole home do you need to move out?

A: Yes it is advised that one moves out if the whole home is being renovated because of all the dust and products used in during renovation it not good on ones health as well.  The renovation company will advise that during the renovation period it is best to move out.

Q: Is the site manager on site all the time?

A: A site manager will spend a few hours on site to make sure that the renovation progress is always being done correctly and that no problems occur.

Q: How long does a renovation take?

A: A renovation can take up to 5-7months, also this is determined on how big the renovation project is and also the weather plays a big role in the renovation progress.

Q:Can a renovation company work on the budget I have set?

A: They can try and stick to the budget that you have in mind and will advise on the best options when it comes to the renovations.

Q: Can I use my own architect?

A: Yes your are able to use your own architect.  The architect will work hand in hand with the home renovations company that you have chosen to go with.

Q: Does the construction company sort out all the subcontractors for the renovations?

A: Yes, the home renovation company will assist with all the subcontractors so that you don’t have to worry about finding them